Testnet Resources
Test-related resources

The step by step guide is everything you need to get started.

Read a lot of the frequently asked questions from the community on node operations.

Check out our incentivised testnet via the Taraxa Block Explorer.

To connect to the Taraxa Incentivised Testnet, use the following options:

  • Taraxa Sandbox - For the testnet, Taraxa provides a web-based wallet called the sandbox. The sandbox wallet provides 10 addresses that can be used for sending/receiving TARA, contract deployment, and staking.
  • MetaMask - MetaMask browser extention also works with Taraxa incentivised Testnet. Just use custom RPC, and set the token name to TARA, and use the block explorer above.

Taraxa testnet includes a faucet. The faucet will send small amount of testnet TARA every few seconds, to the last 5000 addresses that were added.

  • Web3 - Because of the Ethereum-compatible RPC interface, most Ethereum libraries like Web3.js, Web3.py, Ethers.js, etc will work for sending and receiving TARA and interacting with contracts.
  • TaraxaJS - To access custom RPC functionality using JavaScript, try TaraxaJS (based on Axios)
  • TaraxaPy - To access custom RPC functionality using Python, try TaraxaPy
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