Guide for running the Taraxa Node with Docker on Scaleway

1. Register to Scaleway

You can use the following link:

NOTE: We will use default project to create Taraxa nodes.

2. Create API keys on default project

You can create api keys on this page:

Scaleway Credentials Page

The document for generating api keys:

Make a note of that key. We will use it in the next step.

3. Creating a Taraxa Node

If you are running this on Windows you will first need to install Windows Subsystem for Linux. You can use this guide.

Then you can download and run the node creation script using this command:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Now you should see a new droplet in your Scaleway account.

NOTE: It takes a few minutes after the droplet starts to install the Taraxa Node software.

4. Connect to your instance

Where is the SSH key?

  • If you have added a SSH public key to your default project via Scaleway console page, the script will use it.

  • If you haven't set a public key, the script will generate a new SSH key. You can find the new public key and private key in this directory: ~/.ssh/.

    ls -al .ssh/ | grep "taraxa"

Next, you can login your instance.

5. Check the logs

You can use the following commands to check if the node is up and running:

sudo docker ps

sudo docker logs -f taraxa_compose_node_1

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