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Taraxa is the next-gen Layer-1

Taraxa is an EVM-compatible smart contract platform based on t-Graph consensus utilizing blockDAG, with many world-first technical innovations.
Founded by two Stanford Engineers in 2018, Taraxa launched its mainnet on April 3, 2023 and has since consistently built up awareness and market traction, gaining widespread recognition for its innovations on top of the next-gen blockDAG architecture,
  • First Native EVM Integration in blockDAG
  • First PoS blockDAG
  • First Dynamic blockDAG Proposal Rate
  • First True Finality in blockDAG
These innovations give Taraxa unsurpassed throughput at scale without security or decentralization tradeoffs, paving the way for the next infrastructural upgrade from blockchain to blockDAG.
Taraxa’s vibrant community has been building DeFi and social analytics dApps organically during the bear market as the development team continues to focus on driving awareness, adoption, building demonstrative dApps, and rounding out necessary infrastructure tech such as cross-chain bridging.

Solving real-world problems

It is our firm belief that technologies are meant to solve real world problems, and cannot be developed in isolation. The applications we build, will build, and will enable our community to build, will (and do) have concrete functionality implications to how the public ledger infrastructural layer is designed and implemented. To this end, the application and the ledger need to be tightly coupled to create the most optimized outcomes.
This is why we created Taraxa.

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