⚑Voting Guide

Step by step guide to Taraxa governance voting on snapshot.org

1. Go to snapshot.org

Go to Taraxa's space at snapshot.org: https://snapshot.org/#/taraxa-project.eth.

2. Connect your wallet

Connect your web3 wallet (e.g., Metamask), make sure it's connected to Taraxa's mainnet. Here's a guide on how to configure Metamask to connect to Taraxa's mainnet. Other web3 extensions / wallets should work in very similarly.

You'll see a pop-up, select your preferred wallet.

Once the wallet has been connected, it will show up on the upper-right corner.

3. Select an active proposal to vote on

Once you have your wallet connected, you can select from the list of proposals to vote on. Note that only proposals marked "Active" can be voted on.

4. Read the proposal carefully and cast your vote

Please read each proposal carefully before you cast your vote. Typically each proposal will contain a brief description of the vote, links to more details, and a discussion page in Discord where community members are talking about the issues.

Please take the time to visit the requisite reference links and the discussions to make sure you are making an informed decision.

5. IMPORTANT: note the snapshot block cutoff

To prevent vote manipulations, e.g., moving TARA from one wallet to another and voting multiple times, snapshot.org takes a snapshot of the Taraxa network at the time the proposal is created, at a specific PBFT block height.

This means that votes are counted according to the wallet balances & staking balances at that specific snapshot. This is important because if you plan to, say, move your TARA from an exchange into your wallet so you can participate in the vote, you need to do it before the vote proposal has been posted on snapshot.org.

In the example above, the snapshot was taken at PBFT block height 3961151, which means your votes are going to be counted according to what the network's state was at that specific block height.

6. Make your decision and vote!

Once you've made your decision, you can vote For, Against, or Abstain (same as not voting) for this proposal.

7. Make sure your vote went through correctly

After you've cast your vote, you should be able to see your vote at the bottom of the page. Please take some time to make sure that all your votes (your wallet balance + your staking balance) are correctly counted.

You're done!

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