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Becoming a Validator on the Mainnet

We've launched our Mainnet network! You can now join the Mainnet as a validator.

To become a validator, you need to do and be aware of the following,

Quick FAQs

Do Validator operators need to put up collateral or self-stake?

There is a 1,000 TARA self-staking requirement to register with the on-chain DPoS contract. At the time of this writing 1,000 TARA isn't a lot of money, and this is not meant to be collateral, but rather to deter spamming attacks on the DPoS contract.

How do Validators produce blocks?

Validators receive delegation of TARA tokens. A minimum delegation of 500k TARA is required to start producing blocks, and each Validator can take on a maximum of 80 million TARA of delegated stake. The more delegated TARA a Validator has, the more likely and more frequently it will produce blocks.

How are Validators rewarded?

Validators charge a commission, which is a percentage of the total staking yields that come from the TARA that has been delegated to it.

Where can I see a list of current Validators?

You can see a list of current Validators, their delegation, yields efficiency and commissions on the Taraxa Community Site's Staking section.

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