Using Taraxa on the Ledger hardware wallet

Create a Taraxa wallet on Ledger

Since Taraxa is ETH-compatible, all you need to do is create a regular ETH wallet on Ledger. We'll use this in conjunction with Metamask to get up & running on the Taraxa network!

Here are a few guides you should look through,

Now that you have an Ethereum wallet on your Ledger, let's connect it with Metamask to get it working with the Taraxa network.

Connect Ledger's with Taraxa through Metamask

Because the Taraxa Network is ETH-compatible, the Ethereum App actually works fine with the Taraxa Network, but needs to work through Metamask.

Here's how it works, it's pretty simple,

This works because the Taraxa network is compatible with Ethereum's address and cryptography, so when Metamask sends a request for signature for the Taraxa network to the Ledger's ETH app, everything just works.

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