Staking & Delegation

Secure Taraxa by Staking your TARA!

Taraxa Staking & Delegation: tl;dr version


Staking is a critical part of Taraxa's consensus mechanism, which uses proof of stake to guard against Sybil attacks. In plain language, staking makes attacking a network expensive, and aims to make attacking a network so expensive that the cost far outstrips the benefits.
When you stake, not only are you helping to secure the network against attacks, you are also earning a yield (rewards) for your efforts.

Stake your TARA tokens on the community site's staking section, here is the step-by-step guide to staking.


Delegation is where you actually assign your staked TARA to a specific validator on the mainnet. This ensures that the validator has the "right" to participate in consensus on the network.
You have to delegate your staked tokens, otherwise they're not doing any work and not earning any yields!

Delegate you staked TARA tokens through the community site's delegation section, here's the step-by-step guide to delegation

Is there a minimum to stake?

There is NO minimum to stake. However, please take into account the transaction fees on the Ethereum network when decide how many TARA to stake.

Can I add more to my stake after I have already staked?

Yes, simply use the same staking procedures to add more.
Please be aware that, once you add more stake, your entire stake's (including your existing stake) locking period will be reset to 30 days again.

What is the yield?

Currently the yield is a flat 20% APY.
Please note that this is higher than what's stated in the economics rewards section, as we wish to ramp up participation in preparation for the mainnet launch.

How do I get my yields?

You can redeem your yields through the community site's claim section, yields are given out on a monthly basis, with the calculation cutoff at ~15th of each month, and the rewards given out on ~20th of each month.
After claiming the yield, you can always stake and then delegate your yields too.

How long is the locking period?

When you first stake TARA, the tokens are locked for 30 days. After the locking period ends, the tokens become unlocked and you are free to un-stake the tokens.
Note that you are unable to un-stake your tokens if they're delegated to validators, you must first un-delegate the stake before un-staking them.