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Taraxa supports all ETH-compatible wallets!

Taraxa supports all ETH-compatible wallets

The Taraxa network is backwards-compatible with Ethereum, that means any ETH-compatible wallet that allows you to add a custom, EVM-compatible network will work with Taraxa!
This means that,
  • All Ethereum wallets can be used on Taraxa
  • All Taraxa wallets can used on Ethereum
Pretty straightforward 😊

Word of advice: get a hardware wallet

Given all the hacks and scams in crypto, we recommend that everyone get a hardware wallet. Since the private key on a hardware wallet is never exposed, it is much safer (not fool-proof, nothing is fool-proof unfortunately) than a software wallet on a phone or PC.

Getting started

Here are a few examples of wallets supported by Taraxa.
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