Find Node's Public Address
Guide for getting your node's public address
To find out your node's public address you can run the following command in a new terminal window while the node is running:
docker exec taraxa_compose_node_1 cat /opt/taraxa_data/conf/wallet.json
You should see an output similar to the following:
"node_address" : "49a303283915277ec9c8cb87f50368d2be41f38b",
"node_public" : "af27e45a6e234f28e5a37fb482de35062b2088975edf98ec21f7e0eb798faf0439175b8f0f3f501fd60d160dbb86e6f7082658baa659c5fdaafe49065f444fb9",
"node_secret" : "d62a1297fe2fcd0fd2e531be2028897071a3b3da0608a04ca3b97d6495964c0f",
"vrf_public" : "a295f401c788316268de7b768c97a59c4f408eaa91dc723af6e4111cec106717",
"vrf_secret" : "50d9ea4b7f92ac3632434b3334fe7a52793086b9b62014d0517dca0e369336bea295f401c788316268de7b768c97a59c4f408eaa91dc723af6e4111cec106717"
The public address is the first field in the output. In this case the address is:49a303283915277ec9c8cb87f50368d2be41f38b
When registering this address on our community account you should add a 0x prefix before it. Example:
Don't share your private key or config file with others. They can be used to take control of your wallet.
We will never ask you to provide any sensitive information.
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