How do I run a node?

We recommend everyone who wants to run a node join our Discord server and look for the #node-operations channel.

Is there a testnet?

Yes, you can look at the testnet through our explorer. It is a test network so occasionally it will go down or get wiped, please join our Discord server for the latest information.

When will mainnet be launched?

A mainnet candidate is planned to be launched in 2021. The primary goal of the mainnet is to ensure that it is stable and absolutely suffers no loss of any data whatsoever, such as transactions or assets.

What is the difference between a testnet and a mainnet?

Let's take a step back and look at the 3 different networks the dev team maintains.
    Devnet - a network used by developers to try out the latest features and patches. This network is part of the development team's internal technical infrastructure and is not open to the public. Typically if a feature or patch tests well on the devnet, it will be pushed to the testnet.
    Testnet - a network used to test proposed features and patches with the wider community. The testnet is open to the public, anyone can run a node but the dev team retains control over the network to periodically reset or wipe its records. Technical challenges and stress tests involving the community are run on the testnet. Typically if a feature or patch tests well on the testnet, it will be pushed to the mainnet.
    Mainnet - this is the live, persistent, decentralized and public blockchain network. The goal of this network is to never go down, never lose data, secure against attacks, and fully decentralized - i.e., no one party, including the dev team, can influence its state and direction.
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