Taraxa's open development roadmap

2023 Priorities

In 2023, Taraxa's priority is driving Adoption for Taraxa's ecosystem. This includes Taraxa's apps, app platforms, and of course Layer-1.
Taraxa takes a product-driven, app-first approach in driving ecosystem adoption. To build a sustainable ecosystem, our Layer-1 must bring highly differentiated use cases instead of copying/pasting what others are doing. Our differentiated use cases focus on leveraging trustworthy social data to help drive automated social campaigns, spot emerging trends, and help everyone build on-chain reputations based on their off-chain social activities. When the use cases receive sufficient traction & attention, the Layer-1 ecosystem can thrive.
See the details of our 2022 Retrospective and Outlook 2023 here.
Note, 🎈(stretch goal)s are aspirational milestones that may be a stretch for us to achieve, either due to the workload, time constraints, or the unpredictability of working with third-parties.

📣 dApp Adoption

  • Launch the Hype app alpha version
  • Run Hype campaigns in the Taraxa community to collect impact data and build our pitch
  • Gain a portfolio of early project adopters for Hype to help rapidly refine the product and build business development credentials
  • Market Hype to a wider audience via publications, influencers, etc.
  • Tie in TARA consumption into Hype as traction builds to drive towards more sustainable economics in the Taraxa ecosystem
  • 🎈(stretch goal) Build additional apps as resources allow, e.g., Trend Spotter, and drive adoption in the same manner as Hype

🚉 Social Listening Platform Adoption

  • Develop & publish APIs & SDKs for the Echo social listening platform, with sample code to help developers build on Echo
  • Release a functional decentralized Echo client so we can begin the process to turn the social listening platform into a decentralized network
  • 🎈(stretch goal) Decentralize the Echo social listening platform with sufficiently attractive economics to help drive node operator uptake

⛓ Layer-1 Adoption

  • Support the ecosystem by refreshing the website to clearly communicate the goals of the project
  • Support the community by delivering more stable versions of the explorer
  • Support the community by delivering more stable version of the community site
  • Support the community by running mock token conversions on the testnet to help the community understand how conversion works
  • Support the community by working with exchanges to complete native token conversion and drive staking & delegation adoption
  • Support developers with detailed Layer-1 developer documentation, including how to use common ETH toolchains with Taraxa as it is fully backwards-compatible with ETH
  • Support developers with development quality of life features such as smart contract tracing, newer EVM opcodes, events for on-chain economic contracts, etc.
  • Support node operators with node quality of life features such as light node, fast syncing, improved logging & reporting, etc.
  • Support the community by continuing to improve stability, security, and performance
  • 🎈(stretch goal) Support the ecosystem by integrating a cross-chain bridge primarily to Ethereum
2023 will be a great year for the Taraxa ecosystem and community!