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Step by Step Guide: Participating in a Hype Pool

Participating in a Hype Pool and helping to spread awareness for your favorite projects is dead simple. Here's a step by step guide.

0. Submit your crypto Telegram groups

Hype relies on Echo nodes to listen in on public Telegram groups in order to generate the analytics necessary to determine who should be and how much they should be rewarded. Since there is no publicly visible list of all Telegram groups, we need to rely on you to help ensure that as many Telegram groups are indexed as possible, so that crypto enthusiasts and evangelists such as yourself are properly rewarded for your efforts.
So before you start participating in a Hype Pool, please submit the crypto Telegram groups you that you frequently use to us and we'll ensure they get indexed.
Please enter your,
  • Email: if you wish to participate in the bounty (link missing), then please enter the email you've used to register on Taraxa's Community Site. If you don't care about the bounty then just enter any email (or make one up).
  • Telegram Groups: please only enter public, English-speaking, and crypto-related Telegram groups here, with the @ prefix and separated by commas.
Thank you for helping to make Hype better!

1. Find the Hype Pool you'd like to participate in

Go to the Hype App, and on the front page select a Hype Pool you're interested in and click "Learn More".
In this example you'll see that there's a Hype Pool set up for Taraxa, or "TARA". A few things to note,
  • IMPORTANT: Project Name and Token Name: when participating in the Hype Pool, please make sure your messages in Telegram contains either the Project Name or the Token Name to be picked up by the algorithm.
  • Network and Token Name: note what tokens the rewards are in, and what network it's on.
  • Campaign Keyword: the Hype Pool is about Taraxa the project, but this specific campaign (what the Pool wishes to hype up) is about the mainnet launch. So if you include the keyword "mainnet" in your Telegram messages, it'll be weighted even more.
  • Reward / impression: how much you'll be rewarded per impression, which is an estimate on how many users actually saw your message at the time you typed it. Different Hype Pools will have different impression pricing.

2. Start Hyping!

Now you're ready to go ahead and start hyping up your favorite project(s)! Just go into a public, English-speaking crypto Telegram group and start talking about the project.
Several things to caution,
  • Do not spam! Hype has layers of algorithms specifically designed to catch and filter out spam, if your messages are deemed spam, not only will the messages be filtered out, your Telegram account will also be blacklisted. Spamming also harms the project, making it look like a scam.
  • Focus on one project and topic at a time. Hype is also specifically designed to filter for relevance. If you talk about 10 projects in a huge single message post, that will also be excluded. These messages don't tend to lead to natural conversation and awareness, and aren't helping the project you're trying to hype up.

3. Claim you Rewards [Guide WIP]

IMPORTANT: the pool rewards are right now tabulated on a weekly basis. We're working to test analytics that can reward more quickly & frequently.
When you're ready to claim your rewards, go to the Hype App and first connect your wallet.
Make sure that the wallet you connect is on the same network as the rewards are for the Hype Pool you participated in. For example, if you participated in a Taraxa Hype Pool, then make sure you're connected to the Taraxa Mainnet. You could of course be participating in as many Hype Pools as you'd like, but be sure to be connected to the right network for the pools you're trying to claim rewards from.
Once your wallet is connected, it'll ask you for a signature to prove that you own the wallet. Then you should see a "My Account" menu heading.
Under "My Account", you'll see that you can connect your Telegram account.
Once you enter your phone number, you should see a notification inside your Telegram. It should come from the offical Telegram account.
This account will send you a message asking you if you'd like to Confirm or Decline the login, please click on Confirm.
Once you click Confirm, go back to the Hype App and the window will ask you to Accept the login.
You'll see a success pop-up.
You'll also see that you are now connected to the
Now both your Telegram account and your wallet are connected, you're ready to claim your rewards.
( more guide coming soon )

Guide: Starting a Hype Pool

Hype is currently in closed alpha, hype pool creation will be opened up soon, stay tuned!